ikbc MF108 V3 RGB Aluminium Full Size Keyboard - Cherry MX [4 variant switches]

ikbc MF108 V3 RGB Aluminium Full Size Keyboard - Cherry MX [4 variant switches]

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Over 5 Pounds of Aluminum

The IKBC MF108 RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a sight to behold. And it makes an even stronger impression when held. The frame is made from a thick block of aluminum that weighs over 5 pounds, so it won’t budge even during the most demanding gaming sessions.

Multi-Color Dynamic RGB Backlighting For Virtually Unlimited Customization

Equipped with the most durable backlit double shot PBT keycaps and featuring Per-key RGB backlighting with 16.8 million colors, the MF-Series offers a unique crystal clear RGB backlighting experience. With nine preset modes to choose from, and the ability to program each individual key to a different color, it can set the tone for your setup—no matter the color scheme.

Backlit Doubleshot PBT Keycaps

PBT plastic is considered the superior plastic choice when it comes to mechanical keyboard keycaps. Until recently it was necessary to sacrifice backlit legends for superior plastic material. Double injection molded for long lasting and maximum durability, legends are shot in semi-opaque POM plastic and the keycaps are made of PBT plastic. The result is the highest quality of backlit keycaps on the market. On top of their incredible durability, PBT keycaps help resist the shine that accumulate from oil, sweat and lotion on your fingertips.

iKBC has been the pioneer in the development of backlit doubleshot PBT keycap and introduced the first ever backlit doubleshot PBT keycaps in 2013. You can now fully enjoy your RGB mechanical keyboard without sacrificing durability and quality.

Product Specifications

.Model name - MF108 Black Aluminum / Silver Aluminum
.Size - Full Size (108 keys)
.LED Color - RGB
.Mechanical Switches - Cherry Mx RGB 
.Keyboard Case Color - Black / Silver Aluminum 
.Keycap Material - Backlit dousbleshot PBT keycaps
.Keycap Color - Black / White
.Print On Keycap - No
.Keycap Font Position - Top

.Layout - ANSI

.Non-Discrete Cable - USB Cable (Type C)

.NKRO - Full

.Multimedia Keys - Yes
.Primary Interface - USB

.Windows Compatible - Yes

.Mac Compatible - Yes

.Warranty - 1 Year Limited Warranty

.MF108 Keyboard Dimensions - L438.5 X W136 X H41.6H
.MF108 Unit Gross Weight  - 2.50Kg / 5.5lbs
.Made In - Taiwan

.Designed In - Taiwan

.Special Functions - 
 Count-down mode
 USB repeat delay
 USB repeat rate
 Lighting mode in different Zone
 Built-in Qwerty / Dvorak /