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Thermal Grizzly

The high performance thermal pads of the Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad series consist of  a very elastic and flexible surface area with very high thermal conductivity, compensating for even the smallest of gaps between components. Available in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses.


  • High thermal conductivity
  • High compressibility
  • Electrical insulation
Application Rating
Thermal Conductivity* ****
Extreme-Overclockíng *
Overclocking ***
Water Cooling ****
Air Cooling ****
Silicone Sensitive Areas

  *within the Capabilities of Thermal Pads 

minus pad 8The easy to process and flexible minus pads are made up of different constituents, based on a ceramic silicon formula complex and nano aluminum oxide. Thus, the pads ensure a constant, optimal heat transfer.

The lightest of touches is enough to attach them optimally. All pads are ecofriendly and RoHS-compliant.


Specifications minus pad 8: W/mK 8.0, temperature range: -100°C / +250°C

The minus pads 8 are available in the sizes of 30x30mm, 120x20mm, 100x100mm as well as in the thicknesses of 0,5mm, 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm.

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